Monday, April 18, 2016

Release Day! Meet the Misfits

Hi there readers of this fabulous blog. 

My name is Rainbow and authors Lynn & Morris were nice enough to let me take over this little place of the internet for a bit on this release day of my story.

You can call me Rain, by the way. All my friends do.

Honestly, my life isn't that interesting. Or at least it wouldn't be without my friends, who are also my family. And since I've only got this one blog post, I thought I'd talk about them. Okay with you?

This is Landon. He's my best friend. 

He's usually smiling so this picture doesn't exactly capture his best moment but he's pretty much amazing. His mom's an idiot, trying to find love with all the wrong guys, basically creating a revolving door of men in Landon's house. He has lots of siblings, but they're all older than him and they've all moved out and moved on. But despite all her issues, Landon takes care of her anyway.

Landon and I have been inseparable since Buck (my dad) and I moved here. I wouldn't do anything without him. We've covered this dinky town a million times over and know the outskirts even better. There's this place by the river that he and I only know about. Where this cliff overlooks... well, if we become friends we'll show you. You can trust me too because we shared it with TJ and Spence after we became friends. And between you and me, I suck at lying. So what I say, is how it is.

There's nothing I wouldn't do for Landon. He's the best guy there is.

A close second 'best guy in the world' (basically an immeasurable difference) is my boyfriend, Spence. I don't think he actually likes being called Spence, as his real name is Spencer, but that's what I call him. He shows this rare smile and those deep blue eyes shine whenever I say it, which I interpret as "keep it up Rain". Not exactly the same response he gives anyone else who calls him "Spence".

The guy's had a tough life, no sugar coating it. I don't even know how many foster homes he's been in. I think that's where the super conservativeness comes from. He's not a risk taker, at all. Which is the root of any argument we may have. Because, truly, life is all about taking risks, in my opinion. That's the only way we grow and experience new things. But I'm thinking Spence has seen enough "new things" for a lifetime and has no desire to expand his horizons. Which is fine. Doesn't mean I don't push his boundaries. 

And he still loves me for it. :)

Sorry TJ's picture is a little 'grainy' but Knox wasn't around to take it. (I'll introduce her later.) This is what you get with my pictures...

How does one describe TJ without making him sound like a god? Because he is. He is the sweetest, smartest, coolest kid you'll ever meet. He treats his girlfriend (Stacy, also introduced further down) like a princess. His mom (gosh, Annie is the best. She has diabetes and TJ's #1 priority is making sure she's healthy and takes care of herself) he treats like a queen. 

He's not super self confident but he should be. I mean, if it wasn't for me, he never would have asked Stacy out (who he was totally crushing on, btw). I met TJ because Landon basically forced me to join the swim team (not really, but that's a story for another time). But TJ is on the swim team, and so is Stacy, which is obviously how those two first met. All it took was a little (okay a lot) of persuasion from me and wallah! a perfect match. 

Life wouldn't have nearly as much color without TJ.

So I'll be straight with you. Until a year or so ago, I only had one friend. Landon (you met him earlier). Then I met TJ, shortly followed by Spence and before you knew it I had three friends. Which happened to all be boys.

But when I saw the way Stacy and TJ looked at each other across those way over chlorinated high school pools, I knew I had to do something. So I forced TJ to ask Stacy out and of course she said yes. After the deal was done, I finally had my first friend who was a girl.

Stacy is the quietest and smartest person I have ever met. Sometimes I'm afraid to talk around her because I'm worried she'll think I'm a moron. But then I remember that this is Stacy and she would never think a bad thing about anyone... ever. 

Most of the time I want to yell from the highest point that this girl is awesome. And anyone who doesn't know her is totally missing out. But when it comes down to it, as long as TJ gets her, and I can call her my friend, she's pretty set. The rest of the world will meet her eventually.

Here's Knox. I’m not sure what I should say about her. She kind of showed up in my life when I really didn’t want or feel I deserved any friends. She's my cabin mate at my summer job, and she is the one person that will just tell it like it is. She is also the only one in our cabin that doesn’t know what happened to bleed all the color from my life. But the crazy thing about Knox is she knows that sometimes secrets are best kept until you're ready to tell them. She lets me cry on her shoulder and doesn't ask what the tears are about. It's exactly what I need.

I do know that I'll miss her when summer is over, and might just have to make her keep in contact with me. Because even though my life sucks right now, there is always room for one more misfit. One more person that doesn’t seem to have a place in the world, except maybe when we’re together.

I can't leave out Ellis. He works at the resort as a lifeguard. He usually has one eye in a book and the other watching a bikini clad girl. He's kind of quirky. I've heard him quoting books to Knox. Though... I'm not exactly sure which books he's referencing because I'm not much of a reader. But Knox seems to know what he's talking about.

I really haven't gotten to know him that well. But I have a sneaky suspicion that he might be a misfit in disguise, and we'll be seeing a lot more of him in the future.

Now that you've met the gang, I hope you join us in Rainbowland. A place that belongs nowhere and
everywhere. A place you can be anyone or no one.

A place that I hope I can find my way back to someday.

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